Operational Style: Deployer

Observant and Judging types, they are highly practical, meticulous and traditional, embracing and creating order, security and stability wherever they go.

About You

People with this personality type form a small proportion of the population and possess many interesting traits that can easily baffle outsiders. You are usually very rational and logical, but can also surprise everybody with sudden bursts of eccentricity and enthusiasm. You tend to be the inventors the technical creators, you love to know how things work and like to understand the whole process and the logic behind function.

On the outside your persona is one of calm and judgement whilst on this inside you are a whirling mass of ideas and inventions. However, your frenetic being rarely goes anywhere; it simply stays in the background, accumulating the energy and awaiting the right moment to appear often surprising everyone around you.

You tend to be focused and have a strong drive and amazing will power to achieve goals and projects. You are more likely to be a very private individual, which makes it even more difficult for other people to tell what is really going on in your mind. You may become unexpectedly stubborn and vocal, especially when your principles and habits are being criticised.

People with this personality type tend to have a dry sense of humour, you are the master of the one liner which may either help defuse a tense situation. You are not naturally emotional, and may have difficulties recognizing other people’s emotional states. You are also extremely loyal to your friends and build long standing relationships with small tight knit groups, you probably enjoy your own company and may need a lot of “alone time” to recharge.

You at work

One of your most dominant traits is your curiosity, combined with an unquenchable thirst for facts and knowledge. You enjoy finding out how things work preferring a very practical “hands-on” approach in any chosen career. Fairness and equality are two other qualities that are very important to you, you would rather bend or break the rules of the existing system than fail to meet your own personal standards. Unlike most other introverted types, do not really care much about personal space, and often lack empathy or don’t understand why people may be hurt or upset by your actions.

You will be happiest in a work place where you are left to your own devises and given full scope to run your own time. You need time to think, plan and fully understand the scope of what needs to be done. You will be a faultless executer with exacting standards and high quality outputs, you are often inventive and creative in your problem solving. You are very results orientated, self-confident, and loyal.

Your work place environment, characters and behaviours

Least preferred

  • Prefer working in small company or close knit teams
  • Enjoys implementing plans and policy
  • Prefer horizontal hierarchies
  • Build strong personal relationships with colleagues and clients
  • Good at building customer loyalty
  • Loyal and committed stay in same roles for a long time
  • Don’t like to be the centre of attention may be unwilling to advertise their achievements
  • Need to know that their input is valued

Least preferred

  • Large complex organisations with constant change
  • Not given clear goals and direction
  • Working alone or in isolated environment with little feedback
  • Where input and feedback are not appreciated or valued
  • Creative and impulsive environments
  • Where job role or responsibilities constantly change
  • Fluid or unstructured work places
  • Loud, noisy and messy environments

Suitable type of role

People with this personality type lean toward mechanical, technical projects and ideas, and they can be very calm and rational for long periods of time, thinking things through trying and testing ideas. People with this personality tend to be great Engineers and Trouble-shooters, but these strengths stem from their practical experience and vision rather than scientific theories. This personality type is also brilliant in areas that combine creativity, freedom, and practicality. They make great Mechanics, Engineers, Architects, Forensic scientists, Inventors.

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Is This You?

Take the 10 minute test and find out if this is you.