Operational Style: Engager

Intuitive and Feeling types - they are cooperative, empathetic and imaginative, focusing on empathy. They tend to be team builders and joiners who bring people together and make things happen.They are spontaneous and inventive, always spotting new opportunities.

About You

You are always is keen to strike up and nurture relationships and are supportive of friends and colleagues alike. You hate to be idle and are usually very active and busy, keen to get involved in a range of activities. You often take on too much and get buried under the work load, going above and beyond the call of duty.

You have great empathy and form strong relationships, at times you underestimate yourself and fear failure. You are extraordinarily loyal, committed, and patient. On the surface you are a party maker and facilitator but underneath may enjoy time alone to recharge your batteries. You love to sell ideas and concepts to people and should make sure that these traits do not expose you to exploitation.
People with this personality type tend to remember details easily and have exceptional imaginations. Your lively and active imagination means that you are never short of a plan or proposal for some new idea or creative scheme.

You at work

This personality type rarely has any difficulties fitting in and making new friends in the professional environment, you are likely to use your communication and networking skills to advance into a managerial role. You function best in a close-knit team, when there is no tension between the management and the employees. Sometimes you see your colleagues as semi-personal friends and behave accordingly.

You like to make a difference in the world and are very target and goal driven and like to feel you are contributing in whatever way necessary. You tend to gravitate toward relationship based careers with clearly defined goals and objectives you have a vivid imaginations and are a great story teller loving to be the centre of attention.

You have excellent social skills and are astonishingly perceptive and have high levels of empathy. This personality type is unsurpassed when it comes to networking and finding out what makes people tick, which is a great skill in any career. Furthermore, you have a unique ability to communicate with others on their own level, which allows you to create strong and lasting relationships. You are a very loyal and reliable employee showing high levels of commitment and engagement to whatever career you choose.

Due to these traits, typical careers involving a high degree of personal interaction and advanced people skills are a good match.

Your work place environment, characters and behaviours

Least preferred

  • Prefer working in small company or close knit teams
  • Need to know that their input is noticed and their expertise valued
  • Where clarity and transparency are key
  • Good networkers, enjoy connecting to other people
  • Always trying to close a deal
  • Build strong relationships with both clients and colleagues alike
  • Tend to be motivated by money and success
  • Where there is a strong reward mechanism for rewar

Least preferred

  • Large complex organisations with ridged hierarchy
  • Not given clear goals and direction
  • Where input and feedback are not appreciated or valued
  • May clash with colleagues who are always looking for improvements, suggesting new changes, etc.
  • Can move from job to job as they get bored easily need constant stimulation and new challenges
  • Little or no career progression or recognition structure
  • Dull routine tasks

Suitable Roles

This personality type can be excellent Sales People, Psychologists, Teachers, Counsellors, Diplomats, or Politicians.

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