Operational Style: Engager

Intuitive and Feeling types - they are cooperative, empathetic and imaginative, focusing on empathy. They tend to be team builders and joiners who bring people together and make things happen.

About You

You are an excellent operational manager with a strong sense of drive and project completion. You are more likely to like “organising” other people and making sure they stick to the plan and adhere to the rules put in place by an authority figure. You are probably an extravert personality that likes making powerful connections and playing an active role in making things happen, tradition and a strong belief of doing things properly is important.

Your family values and ties play a major role in your life and will always take priority over work and friends. You believe that positions of authority must be earned and respect cannot be taken for granted. You will be strong-willed and not afraid to voice and defend an opinion, even if you are facing formidable opposition.

Your strength of character means you will stick to your beliefs and principals even when the tide of opinion is against you. Able to see clearly when others wallow in confusion you create stability and promote harmony in both work and social environments. Not afraid of conflict you are strong willed and resolute, living in a world of clear and verifiable facts. People who interact with you may sometimes complain about the resulting inflexibility and suborn determination to stick to the plan. You find it quite easy to develop and improve various action plans, you are a completer, finisher and are able to make even the most complex projects and situations look like a walk in the park.

You at work

At work you are strong clear and resolute in your decision making, gaining respect and promoting a good work ethic. You strongly detest cheating or any attempts to cut corners, especially in the workplace. Often highly regarded in organisations and seen in positions of authority you make and implement plans and create stable teams. You have many inherent leadership traits and genuinely enjoy organising people and have a natural ease and management style. You are a very dedicated and responsible individual who tends to stay in the same organisations and work your way up doing everything you can to fulfil duties and meet promises. Sometimes working long hours and giving up free time to fulfil work obligations. Your internal principles and values tend to be very clear making your straight forward, uncomplicated and sometimes seen as unemotional, this however will ensure you become highly effective in many institutions and organisations at a very senior level particularly in the later stage of your career.


Your work place environment, characters and behaviours


Least preferred

  • Large complex organisations
  • To be given free reign and power to make decisions
  • Scope for independence and promotion.
  • Management of large teams Constant change and challenge
  • Networking opportunities and connectivity

Least preferred

  • Small business without opportunity to excel
  • Restricted scope and decision making constrained environments
  • Micro managed hierarchies with very controlling authority figure
  • No power or responsibility Routine without change or challenge
  • No structure or consistency of approach

Suitable roles for you

You make a great Senior Managers in a complex organisation or Senior Leader/Divisional Director and are a phenomenal executor of plans and projects. You also love putting new structures in place and implementing change programmes and complex plans. These traits make you a good Operational Leader, Senior Sales Negotiator or Politician. No entrepreneur is successful without one of these people by his or her side.

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Your work place environment, characters and behaviours