Operational Style: Deployer

Observant and Judging types, they are highly practical, meticulous and traditional, embracing and creating order, security and stability wherever they go.

About you

Usually the glue in a working environment, someone who holds the world together and remembers the detail. You are the person who is always on top of the organisational tasks others seldom see. You run your life with effortless efficiency and always have time for other people. You coordinate, organise and are often at the centre of team work and cooperation, sitting on committees and managing local events. You always remember dates, names, and numbers and never let an event pass without the proper planning.

You are always willing to put a lot of effort in to making sure things are done properly and to the best of your ability. You love to collate and coordinate all the facts and information and way up all opinions and factors before making a decision. You have the ability to order the most chaotic of people and situations, you like to charge of your world and run things smoothly.

You will most probably have a list and a methodical approach to everything you do from grocery shopping to planning the family holiday. You like routine and a sense of belonging, you need to know where you stand and be fully informed at all times.

You at work

At work people will often overload you because of your exceptional organisational skills and organisational ability. You are very practical, however, this comes at a cost as you dislike theories, concepts, or abstract ideas. You can be very direct and sometimes blunt but most of the time your sunny disposition and positive outlook makes you a popular work colleague.

You should avoid highly theoretical careers (e.g. academic research) and focus on “practical” ones, where clarity and structure are prevalent. You are very considerate and service-oriented, warm, and traditional, a completer finisher you like to see a job done and done well. You respect old fashioned values and the security of your chosen path. You are tidy and precise with an eye for detail and a strong sence of empathy for those around you.

You are better at creating harmony than dealing with conflict and will often shy away from stressful situations.

Your work place environment, characters and behaviours

Least preferred

  • Prefer working in small company or close knit teams
  • Enjoys implementing plans and policy
  • Prefer horizontal hierarchies
  • Build strong personal relationships with colleagues and clients
  • Good at building customer loyalty
  • Loyal and committed stay in same roles for a long time
  • Don’t like to be the centre of attention may be unwilling to advertise their achievements
  • Need to know that their input is valued

Least preferred

  • Large complex organisations with constant change
  • Not given clear goals and direction
  • Working alone or in isolated environment with little feedback
  • Where input and feedback are not appreciated or valued
  • Creative and impulsive environments
  • Where job role or responsibilities constantly change
  • Fluid or unstructured work places
  • Loud, noisy and messy environments

Suitable type of role

Ideal roles would be Sales Administration, Office manager, or Team leader. You need specific well defined tasks and clear objectives with well-publicised reward recognition systems. It is not uncommon to see you involved in volunteering activities, community work, or childhood development initiatives. This personality type tend to be excellent Nurses and Social or Religious workers.

In general, two simple things tend to be very clearly expressed in most of the careers that they decide to take. First, they need to utilise their people-sensing skills as this is one of their most important and unique strengths. Second, they need to have an opportunity to “create order from chaos” as they usually possess truly extraordinary talents in this area. If these two conditions are met, that particular career path is probably a very good choice for them.

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