Operational Style: Igniter

These are entrepreneurial types; vision makers who are observant, fast paced and impatient. They are spontaneous and inventive, always spotting new opportunities.

About You

You tend to be very talented, energetic, and future-oriented, always very creative and imaginative coming up with lots of bright ideas and thoughts. You can easily compete with Analysts and Sales People when it comes to seeing the bigger picture and getting to the root cause of a situation.

Furthermore, despite being very intuitive and sensitive you can excel at using logic, forming a very potent combination of intuition and rationality. You can focus on the main goal and then put together the plan to achieve your objectives. You will have excellent communication skills, both written and verbal and can be an inspiring leader in many careers, but you do not usually enjoy controlling or managing large groups of people. You are warm, tolerant, and genuine.

You at work

You are usually very charismatic and eloquent and find it natural and easy to communicate ideas and opinions, especially in person. It does not really matter whether you are presenting cold facts or expressing raging emotions. You will not be afraid to stand up and speak, regardless of the audience.

You are usually very open-minded and even tempered preferring harmony and natural order in your world. These traits, combined with your capacity for inventiveness and original thought, make up a very powerful mix. You will be most at home in a world where your creative expression and imagination can be flexed.

You are high achievers and willing to work very hard if the role is interesting and stimulating, able to juggle multiple tasks and projects simultaneously. You are the work place chameleon who will fit seamlessly onto an organisation and provide creative and well thought out plans going forward.

You will accept criticism, as long as it is backed up with rational arguments and delivered in a sensible way. You are open-minded and enjoy learning new things often very artistic and good at creating and making things. You set very high standards for yourself and the people around you and sometimes get frustrated when other people fall below your expectations.

Your work place environment, characters and behaviours

Least preferred

  • Large complex organisations with constant change
  • Creative Impulsive environments
  • Big picture orientated companies
  • Very good at sensing their colleagues’ motives, good team player
  • Able to relax and have fun, cheering up their colleagues without much effort
  • Able to inspire and motivate other people
  • Highly analytical, especially when it comes to understanding another person’s perspective

Least preferred

  • Where input and feedback are not appreciated or valued
  • Open-minded, dislike bureaucracy and restrictive rules
  • Constant stress and pressure from unpredictable management structure
  • Very independent, loathe being micromanaged
  • May have difficulties focusing on one particular project
  • Where creativity is not encouraged and new ideas get caught up in process or red tape
  • Serious quiet organisations with ridge decision making and process

Suitable type of role

This personality type are usually very charismatic and eloquent and find it natural and easy to communicate their ideas and opinions, good Senior Marketing Executives, Advertising Agency Managers, Journalists, Editors, Creative Directors and Senior managers, thrive in most creative or innovative environments.

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