Finance / Management Accountants

Operational Style: Analyst

Intuitive analytical thinker, they need logic and order. Analytical types are fiercely independent and prefer facts to fiction often shining in intellectual debates and scientific or technological fields.

About you

Accumulated knowledge is the most valued asset of any, for you, as a Finance personality type. If you imagine an immensely complicated machine that is constantly absorbing, processing and generating all kinds of theories—this is how your mind works. You possess the most logically precise mind of all professional types.

You can easily notice even the tiniest discrepancies between two statements, no matter how much time has passed in between. It is a bad idea to lie to you as you have excellent powers of recall. You may appear not quite with it, but this is not because your mind is in rest mode but is completing some background complex calculation.

You are enthusiastic, impartial and objective when it comes to dealing with problems; you plough through the details and then develop a unique approach and ultimately a viable solution. You are usually very intelligent and insightful, able to remain unbiased in any situation. You absolutely love new ideas and theories and you never miss an opportunity to discuss them with other people.

You are never happier than when unravelling a complex puzzle or series of multi-level logical problems. However, sometimes this constant background brain thought process can make you appear somewhat pensive and detached, as you are perfectly capable of having fully-fledged debates in your own head.

As a Finance personality type you may also find it quite difficult to explain your thoughts to others, even when it becomes obvious that your theories are not easily graspable. This can result in your speech seeming slow and deliberate, often frustrating to other personality types, who have often moved on to another topic before you have figured out what you wanted to say.

You are usually very shy and reluctant when it comes to meeting other people. However, you can also be very friendly and confident when you interact with people you know well or talk about things that interest you. Sharing many professional traits with analysts you do not really understand or value decisions based on feelings or subjective opinions. In your opinion, the only good solution is a logical solution, you do not see a point in using emotional arguments.

Such an approach preserves the “sanctity” of your intellectual method; however, this also makes it difficult for you to understand other people’s feelings or satisfy their emotional needs.

You at work

You are insightful and unbiased often staying out of gossip but are able to decipher the underlying motives quite easily. Usually reluctant to mingle and chat you enjoy discussing new theoretical ideas with co-workers you consider equal to yourself. One of the few bottlenecks that you impose upon yourself is your restless fear of possible failure. No other personality type worries that much about missing a piece of the mental puzzle or overlooking some crucial fact that might lead to a better solution. You create and maintain very high standards, and dislike managing other people or being managed, especially later in your career.

These traits are rarely seen as attractive in the modern corporate world. You are a “lone wolf” and typical careers revolve around this trait. You live in your own mind, love solitude, and tend to despise small talk and other social necessities. You do not really understand or enjoy emotional exchanges without perceived value and are unlikely to spend a significant amount of time chitchatting with your colleagues or customers. For these reasons, customer-facing careers are highly unsuitable for you. You would do much better in roles that focus on data and theories rather than people.

Your work place environment, characters and behaviours

Least preferred

  • Working alone
  • Solving riddles and noticing patterns
  • You are tolerant and flexible
  • Working in a calm quiet environment
  • Staying out of gossip
  • Interacting with people you know well

Least preferred

  • Having to share ideas with “untested” colleagues
  • Secretly dislike managing other people but quite like the power
  • Loathe schmoozing and strongly resist all forms of emotional manipulation
  • Not having a “deployer” who can put your ideas into practice
  • Involvement in emotional arguments


Suitable type of role

They make great corporate strategists, Accountant, Financial Controller, Business Analysts, Banker, Video Game Designers, Programmers, and Statisticians.

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