Data Analyst / Business Analyst

Operational Style:  Analyst

Intuitive analytical thinker, they need logic and order. Analytical types are fiercely independent and prefer facts to fiction often shining in intellectual debates and scientific or technological fields.

About you

Due to your straightforward approach, your love of data figures and all things factual, as an Analyst you may encounter difficulties when it becomes necessary to comprehend a competing theory or idea. However, you are nearly unstoppable if you believe that a specific idea is valuable or a plan or project needs completing. You love rules and order in your world, everything has a place and should be kept there.

You tend to be extremely thorough, always checking the facts and not assuming anything. You enjoy being responsible for your actions and you love the power that stems from this. You are usually happier with numbers than words, which can potentially lead to many significant achievements in mathematical areas. You tend to be a bright, logical, and a wise individual, characterized by your desire to seek a secure and stable life. You are likely to be an introvert and like the company of a few close friends and family.

This can mean that you are easily irritated by other people’s shortcomings. You see your own promises as sacred and cannot understand how someone could consciously fail to meet their obligations. In fact other people’s lack of attention to detail is a constant source of irritation to you. You prefer structured and clear work environments, roles, and responsibilities. However, you may not be so good at sensing other people’s feelings.

You at work

Often found in detailed analytical roles or scientific vocations, you tend to work best on your own but you also like close knit teams. Analysts spend an enormous amount of time and energy performing every task they see as important, especially if it contributes to the achievement of a specific goal.

You are usually respected for your exceptional loyalty to your duty. You will consider it part of your role to establish and maintain a smooth operation. Your accuracy, patience, and ability to concentrate make you an ideal employee in many professions.

Your work place environment, characters and behaviours

Least preferred

  • Systems and processes
  • Rules and guidelines
  • Uses logic and facts in decisions
  • Peaceful and calm workplace
  • Provide intelligent feedback on plans and proposals

Least preferred

  • Chaos and indecision
  • Large teams that constantly change
  • Challenges and changes to your ideas and theories
  • Hot desking, no designated space
  • Improvisation and thinking on the spot

Your most suitable role

Not surprisingly, as an analyst you gravitate toward traditional, hierarchical institutions that have clear practice and procedure—Civil Service, Legal, Military or Government etc. You would be an excellent Accountant, Financial manager, Lawyer, Doctor, or Computer Programmer.

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