Buiness Leader / Entrepreneur

Operational Style: Igniter

These are entrepreneurial types; vision makers who are observant, fast paced and impatient. They are spontaneous and inventive, always spotting new opportunities.

About you

You are a natural leader, an entrepreneur, a rare breed with an unusual set of qualities. You love being the centre of attention and enjoy even the simplest things. Your fun and impulsive nature is usually very attractive to other people. People with your personality type never run out of ideas and always have a new exciting plan and endless energy, your curiosity is insatiable. You will always be among the first to try something new and exciting. You tend to be very charismatic, rational, and quick-minded with the ability to lead and inspire other people.

You believe nothing is impossible if you try hard enough and don’t see obstacles only opportunities. Mostly you are unbelievably confident and charismatic with a quick brain and lightning whit. These qualities draw most other types like a magnet making it quite easy for you to achieve your goals. You believe that you can accomplish everything given enough time and resources. More often than not, this confidence results in a self-fulfilling prophecy. Your life is a big party, you love communicating with other people and can spend hours upon hours chatting about various topics.

This personality type tends to be very popular in the company of other extraverted types. You have no trouble recognising and rewarding the efforts and talents of others. Often highly observant and, able to notice and respond to someone’s distressed emotional state. You live in the world of optimism and opportunities and savour the pleasures, dramas, and ideas that life throws at you. You are immersed in a never-ending high energy world which others may find exhausting just to watch. You can be very skilled at taking people with you and making other people feel good and excited by your vision. Life is never dull or lacking drama in your world.

You at work

You would make a brilliant Entrepreneur or Business Strategist, Leader or Inventor —your charisma and confidence truly shine in the business world making you a true leader comfortable at the very top of organisations and entrepreneurial start-ups. Furthermore, you are very energetic and tend to have excellent communication skills.

You work style is one of quick thinking easy decision making, fluent at communicating visions and plans. You will be quick to adopt new technologies and new market places that fuel your desire for business success and fulfilment. You will never sit still or be content with your lot, always after the next big idea. You genuinely enjoy interacting with other people and will need to surround yourself with good operational managers who can execute your plans and ideas.

People belonging to this type also tend to be very dominant and persuasive when it comes to arguing with others or negotiating a deal. While this can certainly turn against them, usually their opponent gives up in the face of willpower and unyielding belief in his or her arguments. Some people may find you arrogant and overbearing but your natural charm and charisma will have most disarmed.

Your work place environment, characters and behaviours

Least Preferred

  • Find it easy to inspire and tutor other people
  • Allowed to be persuasive communicators
  • Allowed to set very high standards for themselves and others
  • Fast moving and constantly changing
  • Do not care much about their authority or social status and prefer horizontal hierarchies
  • Where new and creative ideas flourish
  • Prefer freedom and independence to safety and security


Least Preferred

  • Where their colleagues are not competent or ill-equipped
  • Where communication is controlled or restricted
  • Where they cannot set the boundaries or take the lead
  • Structure and unnecessary hierarchy
  • An atmosphere of Institutional red tape
  • Old fashioned traditional structures that are restrictive or authoritarian
  • Dislike criticism or dissent


Suitable type of role

Not surprisingly, as an analyst you gravitate toward traditional, hierarchical institutions that have clear practice and procedure—Civil Service, Legal, Military or Government etc. You would be an excellent Accountant, Financial manager, Lawyer, Doctor, or Computer Programmer.

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