Are You a Firestarter

Are You a Firestarter

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Are You a Game Changer

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Are You a Game Changer?

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What makes a Firestarter – could you be one?

Have you ever been in a social or work situation where you are with a group of people, but then someone new enters the circle and everything changes; the mood, the pace, the atmosphere? These are special people who see things that others don’t, who have the confidence and presence to ‘own the room’. Transformational power that can turn ordinary into extra-ordinary.

You know you are a Firestarter if……

  • You make things happen – big things, little things.
  • You are clear in your thought processes and a great communicator.
  • You turn complicated into simple, make yourself heard and understood.
  • You take responsibility for your actions and are always accountable for results.
  • You make, enhance and leverage key relationships to make a difference.
  • You have the drive and determination to push things forward.
  • You are reliable, trustworthy and solid – never giving up when the going gets tough.

Could you be that game changer in a business – we’d like to help you get there.


Can You Add Balance to a Team?

Success in organisations is directly related to their ability to attract and keep the right people.

So it is essential to understand how key individuals will fit in and develop, ensuring that specific people types are identified and placed into the right roles at the right time – a key differentiator that is often overlooked by business leaders.

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Is this you?

  • Frustrated with you current career prospects and progress?
  • Feel like you have lots of potential but can’t get anyone to listen?
  • Have a skill set that you are not using?
  • Bored, getting up in the morning and dreading going to work?
  • Would just like to talk to someone about other career possibilities but not sure who?
  • Got a feeling you were destined to do great things if someone would just give you a chance?
  • Itching to move on and up, but not sure how and where?

Start by taking the profiler test then pick up the phone and talk to us!  – 01242 279783

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There are 4 Different Types of Firestarter

With 8 specific roles – are you one.


These are entrepreneurial types; vision makers who are observant, fast paced and impatient. They are spontaneous and inventive, always spotting new opportunities.


The action and task oriented types, keen on having structure and process. They are highly practical, meticulous and traditional, embracing and creating order and stability wherever they go. They are keen on execution and completion.


These people are charismatic and engaging, intuitive thinkers who are co-operative, empathetic and imaginative. They are great team players who focus on building strong networks to bring people together and make things happen.


They are intuitive analytical thinkers who prefer facts to fiction and they focus on data and trends. They are very thorough and detail focused with a need for structure and process to drive the decision making process through analysis.

Want to know more about the different role profiles?

Recognise yourself in the above descriptions? – discover more about the eight role types needed for a balanced business.

Find Out About Profiles

Candidate Profiling

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To identify the right people types, we profile you as a candidates with the Firestarter Career Profiler, using a combination of tests and theories to provide an insight into specific roles and careers that are most suitable to individuals. The profile test really helps to make sure that recruitment is focused on achieving balanced businesses and identifying individuals’ strengths and weaknesses.

Looking to get more insight on the right career path?

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