How to find ‘the one’: your team may be the key to finding the right candidate

Success in business is directly related to the ability to attract and keep the right people.

But how do you know if you’ve attracted the right people? How do you know that the people you select will fit in with your existing team? And how can you be assured that they will help drive the business forward without disrupting the fine balance of team dynamics that you have worked so hard to create?

As a business owner, employing a new member of staff is one of the most important investment decisions you will ever make. Doing it without a structured approach, or applied logic, can be an expensive and risky business. We have that T-Shirt!!

We’ve made no secret of the fact that paper CVs do not help business owners and recruiters with this conundrum at all. Yes, qualifications and career histories are important, but it’s crucial to look beyond the words to discover personalities and skills that will add the most value to a team, and to the overall organisation.
To get the background we need, we ask candidates to use our Firestarter Career Profiler© so that, as well as the context provided by our 60 second CV, we can get data that will cleverly match the right candidate to the right roles.

We don’t just profile the candidates we think it is important to profile the entire team! This means that, when you are faced with a vacancy within your organisation, we’ll work with you and your existing teams to identify specific profile-types and place candidates into the right roles that add harmony to the balance rather than disrupt it.

Our profiler gives business owners an insight into personality types and how they work within organisational structures, rather than how they function in the world at large. We take a look at people’s preferred styles of working, their communication preferences and examine their likelihood of success in that setting and in their chosen career.

We think that the secret to finding the ideal candidate starts by looking at the existing team, identifying the gaps and completing the jigsaw. Often the difference between a high performing team and an uncoordinated collective of individuals is the way they interact and complement each other. A bit like a tricky master chef recipe: miss out a key ingredient or get your measurements wrong and you’ll be in trouble, probably going home before the next episode.

The Firestarter Team

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