Challenging traditional recruitment practices

Finding, nurturing and keeping good talent, especially in an economic environment that’s constantly changing, is a real challenge.

As a new recruitment business in Gloucestershire, we think it’s time to challenge traditional recruitment practices and help companies unlock growth.

Through research, experience and some smart thinking, our team has developed a range of innovative and interactive techniques for businesses to find, keep and manage high performing, remarkable people. These people – we call them firestarters – will actively contribute to the business achieving its goals. They’re not always easy to find, and clients told us that the typical recruitment process felt time-consuming, expensive, and often futile.

So, we want to start by making paper CVs a thing of the past!

Paper CVs rarely capture anything of the ‘real’ person, which can be frustrating for both the candidate and the employer. That’s why we offer alternatives for businesses that will help them delve deeper into a candidate’s profile to find the right match. We’re turning common recruitment practice on its head.

Our 60-Second CV Challenge asks candidates to record a video, answering a few simple questions, which allows businesses real insight into a candidate’s personality and profile.

And because, no matter how driven an individual may be, success for most businesses relies on team performance, we’ve developed a clever profiling tool to analyse the whole team and achieve the right balance for sustained success.

If you think we can help your business, give us a call on 01242 279783 or email But as we’re all about people and kick starting great working relationships, we’d love for you to pop in to see us!

The Firestarter Team

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